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Policy and solutions / Formal Declaration of War
« on: December 18, 2016, 07:34:59 PM »
No war should be entered into lightly, without sober analysis and not before weighing all other available options including doing nothing at all. Why? Because all wars are destructive, cause great hardship and self sacrifice and hurt innocent people. I would argue that no war is justified unless the enemy presents an existential risk. Then and only then should we enter into such an endeavor and this decision must be made without any doubt that it is worth fighting and must be won. We are at just such a point in human history.

And thus.....

"Without any equivocation and firm in my belief that this is a just war like no other, a war engaged not only to defend ourselves but to defend the generations to follow, I formally declare a total war on the Energy Industrial Complex."

We, those who are in the know and it is a larger percent of the American population than we realize, need to crash the system of energy production. We need to start with fossil fuels but, in a broader sense, all energy consumption. We need to wage war, as consumers, on the consumption of energy. We have in our hands, the only weapons we need and our enemies are defenseless on this battleground that we have chosen. We need to use every available resource we have within our possession to reduce our consumption of energy. Consumption drives capitalism. Every single unit of energy that is produced is because a consumer has demanded it. We must drive a dramatic reduction in energy and prices and production will collapse. We need to deliberately and quite consciously cause a massive wave of bankruptcies in the fossil fuel industry, destroy their ability to produce and wipe out the moneyed interests who provide the financial resources to produce it.

Someone might argue that this costs money and that most Americans do not have the resources to wage such a war. The simple fact is that the first initial and dramatic reduction, the first overwhelming and devastatingly effective salvo fired by human beings against the Energy Industrial Complex does not cost any money at all. It, in fact, saves money. Money that can then be used to wage a vicious, scorched earth war. Every battle waged and won, every single one of them, will reduce the resources available to the enemy and increase the weapons we have available to win the war.

As consumers, engaged on a consumption battlefield, we are the only ones with weapons. It is a war that can only be lost if we choose not to wage it.

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