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Greenland and Arctic Circle / Re: Greenland 2017 melt season
« Last post by Coffee Drinker on Today at 04:14:51 AM »
The average height of the ice sheet is something like 2000m. How often does it actually rain at that altitude during the Greenland summer?

My gut feeling tells me that the Greenland ice sheet is predominately driven by precipitation and not so much by actual temperature.
The rest / Re: Russiagate
« Last post by AbruptSLR on Today at 04:11:03 AM »
If you have trouble keeping track of the many exposed (so far) interactions between Team Trump and Russia, the linked article might help out:

“The many unearthed interactions between Trump-world and Russia, documented”

All of Tesla’s seat options are now vegan
...Tesla’s mission statement is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”  While many are attracted to Teslas simply because of their incredible performance or for other reasons, it’s obvious that the point of an electric car company is to offer consumers a more environmentally-friendly choice.  So, naturally, this would mean that many of Tesla’s customers would seek out an interior which doesn’t rely on bovine agriculture (which, while tasty, has quite a large environmental impact).  And since there’s significant overlap between vegetarians/vegans and electric car buyers, this seems like a natural move by Tesla.

For any buyers who are worried about this because they traditionally prefer leather seats, Tesla’s vegan interiors have been getting good reviews from owners and seem quite durable and comfortable....
Arctic sea ice / Re: 2017 sea ice area and extent data
« Last post by DavidR on Today at 03:49:02 AM »

Regional Arctic Sea Ice Extent and Area calculated from NSIDC NASA Team concentration data
Date: 2017-07-21 12:00  Values in 1000 km^2

Extent (value, one day change, anomaly):
   Central Arctic Basin   
  4419.2   +6.6   -11.1
Area (value, one day change, anomaly):
   Central Arctic Basin   
  3463.6  -86.6  -249.5

The extent value given here closely  matches the extent data in your regional extent graph.
However the area is about 15% lower than in your area graph.

I realise the measurements come from different sources but can you provide a quick explanation of why the figures are so different? TA

Policy and solutions / Re: Oil and Gas Issues
« Last post by Bob Wallace on Today at 03:48:02 AM »
" in caves"


You really are in to the cliche's these days, Bob!  :)

Feel free to substitute your own terms that convey the same meaning.  I'm more into solutions than petty wordplay.
Policy and solutions / Re: Oil and Gas Issues
« Last post by wili on Today at 03:42:50 AM »
" in caves"


You really are in to the cliche's these days, Bob!  :)
Policy and solutions / Re: Oil and Gas Issues
« Last post by rboyd on Today at 03:42:13 AM »
If the carbon tax is on a "fee and dividend" basis, it will be on a tax-neutral basis for the vast majority, the government would not be overthrown.

Remove all retail sales taxes and replace with a carbon tax, that will fundamentally change consumption patterns. It will also be more progressive, as generally the rich use more fossil fuels (e.g. plane travel, big cars, yachts etc.).
The rest / Re: Russiagate
« Last post by AbruptSLR on Today at 03:36:32 AM »
The linked article helps to explain why Mueller has his work cut out for himself:

Title: “5 Reasons Why Extraordinary Presidential Powers Make It Very Difficult to Nail Trump, His Family or His Team”

Extract: “Pardon power and absolute lack of morals make for a toxic, lawless cocktail. ”
Consequences / Re: 2017 ENSO
« Last post by AbruptSLR on Today at 03:26:29 AM »
Per the following data, and attached plot, both issued today by the BoM, the 30-day moving average SOI has soared up to +4.7:

Policy and solutions / Re: The Hyperloop
« Last post by Bob Wallace on Today at 03:22:24 AM »
Wide sweeping heavily banked turns are certainly doable, but how does one adjust to up and down movements at speed?

Wide sweeping up and down movements.

Or, slow down to a couple hundred miles per hour through the mountains.  The real mountainous part of the Sierras, on a route from SF to NYC is about 50 miles. 

Or one drops south to LA and then east.
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