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Arctic sea ice / Re: IJIS
« Last post by Pmt111500 on Today at 12:34:41 PM »
I'm rather surprised by the area still covered by ice, the brine rejection process occurring in the warming 1st year ice could be the factor explaining the surprise.
Arctic sea ice / Re: Northern Sea Route thread
« Last post by gerontocrat on Today at 12:30:50 PM »
It is called the 200 mile exclusive economic area, and is about exploitation of the oceans. However, that does not normally apply to freedom of movement of ships outside the 12 mile limit, which is the limit of jurisdiction over shipping - power to arrest, for example. Beyond 12 miles, it is the Law of the Sea.

Russia is therefore using the old fashioned law "Power Gives The Right" to bully submission. And who can stop them ? No-one.
Arctic sea ice / Re: Northern Sea Route thread
« Last post by Richard Rathbone on Today at 12:29:00 PM »
There's an article on wikipedia about territorial waters. Its rather better sourced and explained than the OT posts here.
Arctic sea ice / Re: IJIS
« Last post by mmghosh on Today at 11:32:06 AM »
It does seem odd, Peter, with DMI 80 below normal virtually the entire melt season, and comparatively less severe August cyclone season (though there's a couple of weeks to go still).

Thin ice is probably the new normal.
The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« Last post by Neven on Today at 11:22:10 AM »
PREDICTION: Trump Will Resign In Disgrace...Soon

! No longer available
The melt pond discussed by Andreas T has mostly gone.
Arctic sea ice / Re: IJIS
« Last post by Peter Ellis on Today at 11:00:39 AM »
Nice, its already slowing down. A few more weeks and ice will start to grow again.
Yes, that's how seasons work. Congratulations for discovering this novel phenomenon, which I propose to call "a year".  I'd question whether a value somewhere between the 2nd and 4th lowest on record is really "nice" though.

Interesting to note that 2017 has been almost precisely the same as 2016 since about half way through June.  Is this simply the "new normal" trajectory?
Some recent events: old calvings break, new calving events and developing crack indicating future calvings. Add to that considerable brightening from recent snow fall.
Arctic sea ice / Re: Home brew AMSR2 extent & area calculation
« Last post by oren on Today at 10:56:21 AM »
Attached the regional area graph of the CAB. Black=2017 UH AMSR2, purple is 2017 Jaxa.

Large swings are not unusual for UH AMSR2, but not in every year in the same amount.

Further the Jaxa data is much smoother and tends to follow the tops of the UH data. I am inclined to think that those (the tops) are a more realistic area value.
Wipneus, do you have a chart of just the CAB JAXA area since 2012?
Even better, where can I download the regional JAXA area data? I couldn't find it on the web.
Arctic sea ice / Re: Home brew AMSR2 extent & area calculation
« Last post by Wipneus on Today at 10:44:54 AM »
And the disappearance of sea ice in the Greenland Sea. Most of the remaining ice is is fast or only recently mobile.
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