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Ned W:
Wow.  This situation in the Arctic is unprecedented. 

Look at this map.  The implications are obvious:

... astounding!

But I think we can all agree that it would be meaningless without this context:

Really, that speaks for itself.

Tor Bejnar:
I think the graph title is particularly telling ;D

Ned, I find these graphs confusing in that they're not at all confusing. I want you to drop everything in your hands and come right over to me and hold me in the hand while you explain how you were able to make them so non–confusing. This needs to happen immediately.

Ned W:

--- Quote from: Tor Bejnar on March 23, 2015, 04:13:11 PM ---I think the graph title is particularly telling ;D

--- End quote ---

The graph title explains it all!  Well, along with the axis titles.

I had some difficulty choosing a map projection for the continents on the map.  I finally found a good one, though.

Ned, I found an error in your graph that actually is confusing: There is no Feb 31st. February being a sort of saldation month only has 28 days. On rare occasions it may have 29. Never 31.


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