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Welcome to the Arctic Sea Ice Forum - Arctic Methane Topic!

I will post observations and comments on methane release in the Arctic Basin and surrounding seas or land areas on this thread.

There is a website I maintain which tracks methane release for AIRS/AQUA/IASI methane imagery with the kind contribution of Dr. Leonid Yurganov. It is found at:

I also maintain a set of imagery for METOPS 2 IASI CH4 at this site:

Artful Dodger:
Hi A4R,

Do you follow JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) press releases for their Greenhouse gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT), called "IBUKI"? Here's the latest one, from Dec 5, 2012:

Although the PR above concerns C02, JAXA has also previously published Arctic methane maps. JAXA also makes some data available for download to registered Users. It may be of some interest to you (indeed, to all of us here on the Arctic sea ice Forum).

Here's more:

What is GOSAT, "IBUKI"?


Thanks for beginning to start this topic.  It was my concerns about methane release from the ESAS that brought me to learning more about the ice-loss in the arctic ocean.

I don't have much to add today... just learning how to use this new forum.


Thanks for the link, I have looked for results and imagery from JAXA with no success. I will have a look this weekend, or when I get snowed in...tomorrow!

Old Leatherneck,

We ended up here for similar reasons. The ice was secondary to what was happening with potential methane release, which is why I track it.

I will post here each time I update the METOP 2, Giovanni or other methane imagery to keep you and others up to date.



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