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Jim Hunt:
Following a request from jdallen, here's a place to discuss how best to go about creating GIF animations (and who knows, maybe some other sorts also).

As mentioned in the original thread, I currently use ImageMagick, but there are other possibilities. See for example this existing (if short) thread on ImageJ.

If I recall correctly A-Team is also quite fond of GIMP. [PS - Here's Laurent's video]

The next question is "which operating system?". Wipneus will no doubt suggest Raspberry Pi flavoured Linux, but that isn't necessarily everybody's cup of tea!

Finally, for the moment at least, which sequence of images should we use for the initial tutorial?

That video for Gimp a free software available here :
How to Create an Animated GIF With GIMP

Jim Hunt:
Personally I am not a Windoze fan. Hence is these circumstances I often use Cygwin to make Windows N work more like *IX.

Unfortunately I am tied to Windows (for the software I use for work), so a few years ago I decided to purchase this software to make animated GIFs: Easy GIF Animator. Fulfils my needs very well, as I like my animations to keep a small size so people with lower bandwidth don't have to wait ages to see it appear in a blog post.  But I'm sure there's more and better stuff out there.

Has anyone suggested ImageMagick yet ?

excellent tutorial, many examples. ImageMagick is open source, and can do many more things than animation. All from the command line ...



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