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NOAA ESRL Global CO2 Increase Accelerating

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Besides the NOAA ESRL Global CO2 average breaking through 400 ppm for the first time, the decadal global CO2 increase was above 21 ppm for a 10 year period for the first time in the record.

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thanks for the link!!! scary stuff :(

jai mitchell:
we are starting to experience carbon cycle feedback effects that will increase significantly over the next decade.  I expect that the atmospheric fraction of carbon dioxide will continue to increase from 55% today to 60% by 2020.  This additional 5% of annual emissions no longer being sequestered by the earth will rapidly increase atmospheric emissions even as we desperately attempt to halt the fossil-fueled destruction of our biosphere.

NOAA/ESRL Global CO2 for October, 2016:

Hit a new monthly high of 402.31 ppm, which was 3.71 ppm higher than October, 2015. This yr/yr increase of 3.71 ppm is the highest for any month in the NOAA/ESRL record.

The ten year change from October 2006 to 2016 was 22.47 ppm, the highest of any ten year period monthly comparison.

Perhaps some of this rate of increase is El Nino related, but these may be less connected than previously.

Global annual CO2 for 2016 on track for a yr/yr increase above 3.7 ppm, smashing through the annual growth rate of 3 ppm.



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