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J Cartmill:
Mauri Pelto reports Disastrous conditions from his annual North Cascade survey.

The linked article indicates that the glaciers in the North Cascades, Washington, are experiencing abrupt mass loss this year:

Extract: "Glaciers across the North Cascades could lose 5 to 10 percent of their volume this year, accelerating decades of steady decline. One scientist estimates the region’s glaciers are smaller than they have been in at least 4,000 years.
In more than three decades of field work, Mauri Pelto has taken the measure of Washington’s glaciers during seasons of record-breaking snow and years that broke skiers’ hearts. But he’s never seen anything like this summer.
“The best word for it is disastrous,” said Pelto, who recently wrapped up his annual survey in the North Cascades."

On the topic of the Cascades...

Timberline Lodge is a ski resort located on Mt Hood here in Oregon - apparently one of the few in the US that offer Summer skiing. I was utterly flabbergasted and floored to learn that due to the poor condition of the snow pack, they decided they would not be dumping some 500 tons of salt on the Palmer Glacier to "condition" it for summer skiing in 2015.

In the sense that, apparently, they have been doing this for the last 30 years...

Complete. Shock. I had no idea. And I bet almost nobody did/does.

It is utterly mind blowing and unacceptable that a private company, LEASING our public land in a cushy long standing arrangement with the Forest Service, can degrade our natural resources like this. In the midst of what amounts to a global glacier crisis, no less.

Our environmental regulators are locked in a catch-22. They have to be able to detect the pollution downriver, to be able to stop it. Of course, by that time the damage is already done..

I heard that India is putting blankets on some of their glaciers, to try and protect them. The US? Salt.

It's the American way.... :'(

The Europeans are blanketing some of their glaciers to reduce melt as well. Although I'm an American, and a skier, I am totally blown away by the fact that they would dump salt on a glacier to condition it for skiing.

It angers and shocks me every time I think about it. It's just completely unbelievable....... And it's happening in Oregon, no less. I fear that this is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg as far as environmental atrocities go. They're just not being stopped fast enough, nobody cares or is even aware. Ugh. It just gives you that sinking "We are so, so screwed" feeling....


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