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Hi Neven,

Can I buy you an SSL certificate, so you don't have this warning all the time? GoDaddy has them on sale at £3.99 per year. I could buy a 5 year one and worry about it expiring later.

I'd probably need to authenticate the domain, so you'd need to be able to change something on the root of the site or DNS entry.  Would that be OK?

Cheers, Seumas

Seumas, thanks for the offer. If it's that cheap, I'll pay it for myself. But I believe more is necessary to solve the issue.

And of course we're doing it on purpose to see how dedicated folks are.  ;)

I'll discuss it with the DungeonMaster.


Right now the forum is on a shared hosting, not allowing ssl servers. Of course this might change, especially if the number of visitors skyrockets.

I rent servers and buy certificates quite often, so I should have no problem with this. I also plan to install a single-sign on with facebook, openid and others, so we won't have to manage passwords here. And I have to find some way to use ssl only during login (probably some htaccess trick).

I'll discuss it with the Domain Owner ;)

Ah, of course, I forgot the old IE's problem with https and host-header.

You considered just putting the whole thing onto an Amazon EC2 instance? Should be cheap enough and you could maybe get folk to contribute a bit. I'm sure a few people would be willing to spare a few notes...

Anyway, good luck with the sso stuff. I think it'll probably work out easier than you think :)


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