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Author Topic: climate change in popular culture  (Read 2098 times)


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climate change in popular culture
« on: January 12, 2016, 09:54:03 PM »
I heard a song yesterday and thought it'd be nice to have a place to share it.  So here you go:

written and performed by Susan Werner

Summer's hot but the winter's cold
That's when the snowmobiles get sold
That's what we got up here
Snowmobiles and beer.

How it is when you live up north
Winter lasts 'till July fourth
So we snowmobile 'till April, maybe longer
And my wife she says the cold it makes us stronger

And we're strong up here

Strong as six point beer
Come to the weather,
Weather is what it is.

Summer's hot but the winter's cool
They just closed the swimming pool
On Columbus day,
It's getting late I'd say

'Course the kids They think it's good
Swim all winter if they could
And my wife, she says it's only temporary
And it'll still be cold as hell come January

And I live for that,
I Got an Arctic Cat
Comes to the weather,
The weather is what it is.

Or so I thought until a couple years ago
Now anymore, we get a lot more rain than snow
I mean it really rains a lot
And whatever snow we got, it melts away
In just a day.

So strange.

My wife, she says that nothing's changed
She says, "Patrick, don't worry."
She says, "Look outside, now there's a flurry."

Summer's hot but the winter's warm
We just had a thunderstorm
On New Year's Eve
A first I believe.

All the farmer's up and gone
Moved up to Saskatchewan.
So we sit indoors around the kitchen table
Drinking too much beer and watching too much cable
Missing how it feels
To ride a snowmobile
Back when the weather
When it was what it was.