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Author Topic: Organizing/Connecting Stuff  (Read 2441 times)


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Organizing/Connecting Stuff
« on: March 07, 2013, 10:25:59 AM »
I like subjects where I don't have to stretch my english too much ;)

Agreement is the good stuff in science; it's the high fives.
But it is easy to think we're in agreement, when really we're not. Modelling our thoughts on heuristics and pictures may be convenient for quick travel down the road, but we're liable to miss our turnoff at the first mile. The danger is in mistaking our convenient conceptualizations for what's actually there. It is imperative that we have the ability at any time to ground out in reality.
What does that mean?
Entry point:

Or go directly to:

Good read, deserves the link on my Desktop and time to ponder it.
1st application I see: (re)organizing stuff kept in the head & improving insight.
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