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Author Topic: Global Warming Basic Question  (Read 1023 times)


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Global Warming Basic Question
« on: April 08, 2016, 08:21:25 PM »
Below is a copy of an email I sent to some of my work collegaues (about 65) a few minutes ago. They are generally high educated engineers in the energy and HVAC sectors.

The CC question below is not ment to be a question to this forum readers (as I think almoust everyone here knows the right answer), but a question about how you think the answers I may recieve will be. Will I get any answers at all? Was it a bad question? Maybe bad timing?

I promise to provide information about the results.

What are your thoughts about my approach to get information about the status of the CC awareness/knowledge (in Sweden today)?


Hey all

Trying a little thing ...

There is scientific evidence that global warming is under way and that it is caused by human activity. It is of course about greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2.

From the pre-industrial era until now (the last 150 years), the global average temperature has risen about 1 ° C. My simple little question is:

What do you think would happen in 50 years if all emissions stopped suddenly overnight?

Response options with explanation:

Lower: The average global temperature would drop by at least 0.5 ° C but probably more after 50 years.

Unchanged: The average global temperature would be approximately unchanged after 50 years.

Higher: The average global temperature would rise by at least 0.5 ° C but probably more after 50 years.

Please reply using the button on the menu above.

There is strong scientific support for the right answer, but I will definitely not "hang out" anyone who might give the wrong answer. However, I intend to "reveal" the correct answer and make a simple statistical summary of the responses.

With the hope that more than a few bother to respond to this "tiny" issue.

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