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Author Topic: Arctic 2m DDFreezing, DDThawing (cf Winter analysis addendum), above 80 degrees  (Read 2048 times)


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The count of degree*days freezing ends up between 5000 & 6400 (possible Temp =-1.8℃ -freezing point of seawater)

The count of degree*days thawing is less than 20 (above 0℃? - melting point of ice), yet the ice does not increase each summer!

These numbers are just a record of measurements/averages that MAY provide indications of a changing climate (currently -949 DDF for winter 2015/6). The elephant under the ice is warm water from the South (+ solar heating), which has managed to balance the freezing/thawing in spite of the very different measurements.

Neven, sorry, I should really have put this in the blog (Winter Analysis Addendum) but struggle to sign in!


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No problem. I'm sorry you have trouble signing in on the ASIB. It's not something I can control (Typepad does), and even if I couldn't control it, I probably wouldn't know how to.
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