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Re: Forum Decorum
« Reply #150 on: January 15, 2019, 08:35:01 AM »
On another thread Neven stated:

"I would kindly ask you to go find some other place to do your thing. I think it would be better for you, and it would definitely be a lot better for me, because it's wearing me out and I don't want to quit this project just yet.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, the mainstream media, Corporate Leftists around the world, and even rehabilitated neocons, they're all with you to make things reality."

Whereupon some pearl clutching ensued, I gather, tho i missed most of it being sheltered by killfile.

Please guys and gals and those of other genders:

This is Neven's house. He has stated repeatedly that evidence based argument on the science threads are open to all, and he has acted in accordance. He has also repeatedly stated that he will moderate social/political threads, and he has done so. Apparently that annoys some who imagine this forum is their pulpit.

It is not. Start you own blog if you wanna post without moderation. Or find a forum on goofacetwit more to your taste. Stop bitching at Neven.

That's like going into a party and repeatedly pissing on the carpet after your host has asked you multiple times to quit, and then screaming at him for not letting you continue.


Martin Gisser

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Re: Forum Decorum
« Reply #151 on: February 16, 2019, 11:54:39 PM »
"hey,easy there kids. make sure you don't get angry. Don't resort to tribalism. Take some time and listen to the democrats and republicans too. I know it sucks that my generation robbed you of your future, but just make sure you maintain decorum"
So fucken well said!


My problem with the polit threads is not the decorum.
I am an advocate and activist of violent communication (and I can take a cordial "fuck you"). Some people in the public space can only be convinced by shame. (However, it is a tightrope: Violent communication is only effective when fact based and logical.) That's why there still is climate denialism and inactivism out there: In the last 20 years of climate "debate" I heard/read the wörd "bullshit" only one single time...

What irks me in the polit forums are the low standards of evidence and truth exhibited by some, incl. Neven. And the radical oversimplification of things (most often from Neven). This isn't about theory (Neven) vs. pragmatism (Martin). Oversimplified theories don't work, period, just like overcomplex theories. And more: the tolerance of bullshit and of known bullshit sources (like Russia Today). Who bullshits in science is dead as a scientist. Not so in the polit forums.

What is desperately needed in today's world is to try to apply the standards of scientific discourse to polit disourse.

Apropos Valentine's Day,

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Re: Forum Decorum
« Reply #152 on: February 18, 2019, 06:20:34 PM »
Dictionary result for shemozzle
noun: schemozzle

    a state of chaos and confusion; a muddle.
    "the debate about climate change and how to deal with it is a shemozzle"

late 19th century: Yiddish, suggested by late Hebrew šel-lō'-mazzāl ‘of no luck’.

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