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Seaweed found that eliminates cow methane release.

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"A P.E.I. farmer has helped lead to a researcher's discovery of an unlikely weapon in the battle against global warming: a seaweed that nearly eliminates the destructive methane content of cow burps and farts."

"Ruminant animals are responsible for roughly 20 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, so it's not a small number," said Kinley, an agricultural research scientist now working at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Queensland, Australia.

"We're talking numbers equivalent to hundreds of millions of cars."

Kinley thinks it could take anywhere from three to five years to get a commercial animal feed to market. He says the biggest challenge will be growing enough seaweed.

"Agriculture stands to be one of the first to make major changes in the greenhouse gas inventory and so it's really a game changer if we can get this out into the market."

Bruce Steele:
Morganism, I looked up the kelp ( Asparagopsis Taxiform ) mentioned in the above linked article.
I found another paper that seems to validate the claims about kelp additions to cattle feed eliminating methane production. Only two percent by weight required as a feed additive to achieve methane elimination.

I was asked recently about where a philanthropist might direct some money to directly address  climate change. Not education or research but boots on the ground mitigation. I wasn't able to immediately give any advice. Changing the methane production of cattle might fit the bill. 

Turns out, California just passed a law requiring a reduction in cow farts, so sent a link on to the website contact at bottom of this page. They had no method to induce this reduction, so maybe we will see some action there....

I'll follow this story with interest - and some skepticism.

The first linked article mentions a 20% reduction - that's nowhere near a effective as giving up beeef and dairy. 80% ruminants are still a disaster.

This sounds encouraging

--- Quote ---Only two percent by weight required as a feed additive to achieve methane elimination
--- End quote ---

However, it's not been tried "in vitro".

Perhaps in years ahead (how many years?) humans will be able to consume beef and dairy and not screw the climate. Until that happens let's do the decent think and kill all the cows and eat them now.

wow, lots of action on this lately..


The Potential Role of Seaweeds in the Natural Manipulation of Rumen Fermentation and Methane Production

Effect of Tropical Algae as Additives on Rumen in Vitro Gas Production and Fermentation Characteristics

another presser from original story

and the first presentation from Cali law on short term emissions, no seaweed so far, all digesters.


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