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The forum is well hidden from the blog.  To find it, I knew of its existence, googled, found the announcement of its creation, and looked for the appropriate link in that blog post.

How would anyone who doesn't know about the forum discover it?

It would be good to add a link to the forum from somewhere prominent at the blog.

It's on the list! I'm running behind schedule with a couple of things and I want to get them done before updating the ASIB and ASIG lay-outs.

All will be connected before the melting season starts in earnest.

I've just put a link in my blog roll, should remain at the top as I suspect it updates with every new comment.

If anyone here has any influence on the moderators or editors at The Oil Drum, this would be a good place to have a link to this forum.  When I was following the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe several year ago, I noticed that The Oil Drum had a significant number of commenters that were very cognizant of AGW/CC and this site also had links to the more predominant Climate Blogs.


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