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This site hosts an invaluable collection of links, commentary and original research. I would hate for it to disappear. So I ask if archival sites like the web archive have reasonably complete copies in event of disaster?

I dont know traffic volumes or disk usage for this site, but if disk is no more than a terabyte or so i might be willing to run a static mirror.


DungeonMaster recently told me, after the Forum had been down for a while (due to a false positive hack), that regular back-ups are being made. I occasionally try to make one as well, but it doesn't always work.

Would you ask him if he could use  remote static backup ?


sidd, thx for open up this discussion. It seems like there are two issues, restoring the whole forum structure enchilada if something should happen (100 year flood event, equipment failure or theft, encryption ransom hack, ...) and daily backup of new posts. It's not clear to me why 2013 to August 2017 need regular backup, once should do it unless people are going back to old old posts and modifying or deleting which changes seems very low priority to backup.

On daily automated backup of new posts to AWS, is it a one time set-up issue or the expense? The latter ought to be minimal.

Related to mirroring is google search and traffic attraction. Search was still experiencing difficulties last time I checked (in keeping graphics together with their text). Seems like it does better with the images than key words.

We have hourly static backups of the whole server on a remote machine. And we have a hourly dump of the database (300mb) every hour, plus 30 days - on main server and on the remote server. I think we also have a daily backup on a 3rd server on a 2nd hosting company, I have to check that one.
All servers in Europe in nice companies - no way I would put those data on an US company with all the cops and spies around (my day job is IT security and privacy).

I'll be glad to answer any other question.


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