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Who should be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020?

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--- Quote from: Ken Feldman on June 25, 2019, 10:50:36 PM ---  The Obama rule could be reinstated by a new President on January 20, 2021 without needing new laws or comment periods.

--- End quote ---

Perhaps it's a necessary "first step" that every Democratic contender SHOULD pledge to - prior to debating the additional policy positions that each candidate will offer?

After chasing the RussiaGate rabbit for years, and having returned from the hunt as empty handed and confused as Elmer Fudd. The Democratic Candidates that hope to defeat the incumbent will need draw the voter's attention to the unforced errors and "self goals" that Team Trump has already committed.

The rejection of the Paris Accord. The unilateral decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Committing America to a Trade War with her largest supplier of manufactured goods. Threatened hot wars in the Mid-East, South America and ??. Sanctions and Tariffs against friends and enemies, (including Russia whose machinations had supposedly elected him, and under whose blackmail threat he supposedly cowers)  A Cabinet replete with The Chief Torcheress, a Convicted Drug/Arms Smuggler and even "We Know Where You're Children Are" Bolton.

If a Candidate is unable to design and run a winning campaign woven from such a strikingly venial record, perhaps he or she is simply not up to the task of running the country.


Bruce Steele:
So good to see you back Terry! 
I follow some right wing friends on Facebook and some of my right wing relatives find time to flame my liberal relatives in various public forums. There really isn't any reasoning going on between the two sides of the political spectrum . I don't know if the Internet has had similar results everywhere but counting on rational outcomes from elections with the vitriol going about is maybe wishful thinking.
We have gone stark raving nuts and we probably deserve the trump ( you'd think people would realize how foolish he makes us look ) sorry to inflict this on the rest of the world.
 I got rid of my cell phone and I wish I didn't have as clear a view into my relatives inter conflicts via the net. The Internet is a mixed blessing or a total curse. I did miss your posts and I look to this forum for some hints at sanity somewhere in the world .


--- Quote from: Bruce Steele on June 26, 2019, 02:40:52 AM ---So good to see you back Terry! 

--- End quote ---
Thanks Bruce

I've been out of touch since February, but hope to be able to fully participate again as soon as I've brought myself up to date on the forum.

Don't feel embarrassment over Trump. Here in Ontario we elected the big brother of the infamously crazy former Mayor of Toronto as our Premier (Governor), and in the upcoming Federal Election we'll be fortunate indeed if we escape from being ruled by another Harperesque Right Wing Thug.

I've been blaming the Cambridge Analytica Clones, but it's certainly possible that everyone has simply gone stark raving mad. ::)

Scratch a piggies ear for me.

Tonight you're gonna witness a consistency gala.

After watching the debates i see that Bernie has already won significant advance. Even Dem corporate lackeys now feel the need to at least pay lip service to left wing of Democrats.



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