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Author Topic: Running calculation methodology - mainly for facility management  (Read 1478 times)


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Running calculation is an extension of the running average methodology. In order to follow a building, I have been using it to check if consumptions where ok. I also used this method in other context and found it very efficient.
It is easy, often well known, but not so much used. I wanted to write this document to show how much information can be found in a dataset if data are transformed using that simple method.
It is very helpful with data that don't follow physical rules, like the water consumption in a building (the aim being for example to find leaks).

Some of the ideas that are presented in the document could be integrated in a centralized technical management software (I have already seen example were some ideas had already been integrated).

I though that this might interess people active on this forum, so I wanted to share this document.

A new version (2018 01 28) is available here :


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