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Author Topic: Drained peatlands emit laughing gas  (Read 1069 times)


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Drained peatlands emit laughing gas
« on: April 06, 2018, 09:56:38 AM »
"A global study lead by geographers at the University of Tartu has revealed that drained nitrogen-rich peatlands produce laughing gas, which degrades the ozone layer and warms the climate. To avoid this, swamp forests, fens and bogs need to be conserved."

"N2O is mainly produced as a by-product of two processes:

1) denitrification, i.e. anoxic reduction of nitrate (formula NO3–) into laughing gas and its movement into an oxygen-rich environment so that the process is not completed (safe atmospheric nitrogen N2 is not formed);

2) nitrification, i.e. oxidation of ammonium (NH4+) into nitrate, a by‑product of which is laughing gas. An increase in the atmospheric concentration of laughing gas has mainly been associated with agriculture (e.g. nitrate fertilisers), but significant laughing gas emissions have been noted also in natural areas."
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