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This thread is to be used for the most part to post articles that Tesla Inc. is either successfully implementing its business model, or that it's failing to do so. The Internet is full of tiresome discussions on this subject, so I'd appreciate it if you partake in them elsewhere. Post your evidence for either stance, and then exercise patience.

For a more general discussion on EVs and their future, usefulness and technological aspects, use the thread that was always meant for that: Cars, cars and more cars. And trucks, and....


--- Quote ---Other miscellaneous comments showed Shotwell at her best, ad-libbing one-liners that were lucid, accurate, and entertaining.

“We’ll be going to Mars … with NASA and with ESA. It’s gonna be like extreme camping… for 100 years. And then it might be okay.”
“[Space] tourism is inevitable but [SpaceX] doesn’t want to do it too soon”, the goal is to launch “test pilots before families”
“The first cars on Mars will be Teslas.”
--- End quote ---

Someone's confident Tesla will survive a few years  ;)

#Tesla's Model S remained W-Europe's top selling luxury model according to @AIDNewsletter data
It remained ahead of S-Class/7-Series/A8 in their own backyard during H1.
Model S sales expected to rise in H2 thanks to tax change in The Netherlands then slow next year

“People are sick and tired in Europe of small cars with poor performance engines. Tired of paying 7$ a gallon . Tired of crazy taxes they pay for those small boxes . When Tesla puts the foot in Europe properly then Asia the support encountered will be unseen .”


Base $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Production To Start In 8 Months

Tesla threat to auto makers to grow dramatically in ~8 months with the $35,000 Tesla Model 3
@Toyota Camry XSE  $34,950
@BMW 3 Series >$34,900 @Mercedes-Benz C >$40,250
@Audi A4 $36,000

Meanwhile in Fremont, cost of building Teslas going down every day.  (30% decrease in labor per car, after lessons learned during the first 5,000-Model-3 burst week last June.)

The Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in the US in August, by revenue. 
(Wait for the Model Y to take on the SUVs, and the Tesla pickup truck to enter the truck market!)

Tesla’s positive growth is organic, word-of-mouth support, not ad-company blather.

Ethan Shapiro (@DJFrustration) 9/13/18, 11:01 PM
Big props to @Tesla @elonmusk and @woodhaus2 on designing the safest SUV, ever. My wife was rear ended (hit & run) in Miami today. She was shaken, but should be ok. First responders said, “as soon as they heard to look for a white Tesla, they knew she’d be ok.” Thanks guys.

Not just ‘trash talk.’

Investors vote with their billions, supporting Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla.

Good idea making this its own thread. Here is some trash talk...

David Stockman, former Director of US Office of Management and Budget and in general controversial figure, just gave a wide ranging interview and was asked about Tesla...

"Tesla, you know, is a wreck. It’s one of the biggest con jobs in modern history. You know, the idea that some how he has the secret formula to make an electric vehicle is ridiculous… He doesn’t know how to make a car. They are making them by hand…in order make 5,000 that week. It turns out they are sitting out in a field somewhere waiting to get reworked. I feel strongly about this, I was in the auto business. I know what mass production takes in terms of discipline, what i takes in terms of building infrastructure over time. Telsa isn’t a car manufacturer, it is a con. It is a con. It is the greatest short of this cycle. If some one has a strong stomach, go out and short the thing, cuz it will go to zero one of these days. It will end up being the poster boy for this bubble, the, only much bigger.


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