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--- Quote from: wili on December 08, 2019, 03:46:11 PM ---Turley is a partisan hack. He said pretty much the opposite of all those points when he argue in favor of the Clinton impeachment.
--- End quote ---

Well, if that is true, he was wrong back then (Clinton shouldn't have been impeached, but he should've stepped down). But he's right now. Furthermore, the implication is that if he has flip-flopped, so is everybody on 'the other side'. Which is probably true, because it's all tribalism. And that's why I put it in this thread.

It's all theatre, a show to distract from the real issues.

I'd call that false equivalence, but we obviously disagree (and to be clear, I am have been deeply disappointed in much that the Dems have and have not done over the years...or rather, I would be disappointed if I ever had much of an expectation of them doing much of the right thing as long as they are dominated by corporate interests)


--- Quote from: wili on December 08, 2019, 06:17:43 PM ---I'd call that false equivalence,
--- End quote ---

That's what political theatre is all about. This whole impeachment thing is certainly a circus, and possibly a clusterfuck.

File under theatre because this is crap wrestling, no one is really trying. In proper wrestling you have heroes and villains but here you have only villains and plain incompetents.

Climate change: UN negotiators 'playing politics' amid global crisis

The talks - now in their final week - are bogged down in technical details as key countries seek to delay efforts to increase their pledges, observers say.


Inside the convention centre, the central question of increasing country pledges to cut their carbon has been pushed aside as negotiators resort to protecting national interests.


the richer countries were supposed to undertake specific carbon cutting actions in the years between 2015 and 2020, which many haven't yet achieved.

Here in Madrid a group of countries including China, India and Saudi Arabia are pushing for these pre-2020 commitments be adhered to - even if it means achieving them post-2020.

There is frustration that countries are focussing on trying to get advantages in the talks, instead of working together to increase ambition.

"The Paris agreement is clear: all countries agreed to deliver new climate targets by 2020, and as the recent UNEP emissions gap report made clear, the onus is on the top 10 polluters to deliver," said Laurence Tubiana, one of the key architects of the Paris agreement, now with the European Climate Foundation.


The worry is that many of these historical credits are not real reductions. (see article for details but we need to stop using measures that are not grounded in the underlying science.)

Just some short quotes but whatever they promise to do they probably won´t do.

So we have political theatre which just plain distracts like impeachment and brexit and these summits.

It pisses me off that at our current state they all are playing like there is something to win.
And we lose more time.

Why do people go along with the impeachment stupidity?


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