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Rob Dekker:
This thread created from the "Tesla" thread.

SpaceX does all kind of exciting stuff, so I'm just dropping in my comment as a starter :

At this point, it would be good to note that SpaceX just completed another successful launch, this time of the first Israeli Moon Lander, and a Indonesian communication satellite :

Also noteworthy is that with this launch they completed the 34th successful landing and recovery of a Stage-1 booster rocket, and this is the second time that SpaceX re-uses a Stage-1 booster for the THIRD time.

That really shows that they can re-use booster rockets successfully and in doing so reduced the cost for LEO launches below ANY other competitor, and still make money !

NASA completes certification of SpaceX Dragon Crew capsule; sets March 2 launch date for Demo-1 flight to International Space Station; will provide live coverage and updates.

NASA, SpaceX Demo-1 Briefings, Events and Broadcasts

NASA TV - SpaceX DM-1 [Pre-] Flight Readiness Review Press Conference - YouTube


SpaceX is building a big ship to go to the moon, then Mars in just a few years.  (As Musk has said, you don’t want to live for months in something the size of an SUV. ;) )
To get there, they needed to design and build a new, more powerful rocket engine.  Behold, the Merlin engine.

SpaceX’s Starship engine breaks Russian rocketry record held for two decades

Elon Musk on Twitter: Raptor just achieved power level needed for Starship & Super Heavy - spacex

SpaceX Falcon 9 booster (B1048.3) return and recovery operations

Third Lift For A Three-Time Flown Booster - B1048 - 02-24-2019

Rob Dekker:
This is just so AWESOME :

SpaceX Crew Demo-1 Mission.

Launch and successful booster landing :

Docking with the International Space station :

Astronauts Enter Crew Dragon after Docking

Re-entry and splash down :

And with that, the first ever commercial mission to launch a vehicle to the ISS, dock with the ISS, and return to planet Earth comes to a close. Eight years after the last US vehicle visited the ISS.

Congrats to SpaceX and NASA for making this happen.

Looking forward to the first manned mission of SpaceX's Crew Dragon Demo-2 to ISS later this year.


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