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Author Topic: Concerning Humanity’s Future: Interview with Nick Humphrey, Climatologist  (Read 210 times)


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I first discovered the writings of Meteorologist/geoscientist Nick Humphrey with his brutally honest essay The Conversation 'No One Knows How To Have' and since then have followed his posts and comments. He has been featured or quoted in a number of publications such as Mother Jones, New York Times, Washington Post, and Science Alert. Few scientists will publicly tell you how dire things are, but Nick Humphrey is not one to shy away from the truth. What follows is a Q&A interview I held with him on a variety of questions concerning humanity’s future.

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xraymike79, please don't open threads, unless it's for a general subject. This is more of a comment that you can post in several existing threads, such as the Holocene Extinction thread.

I'm locking this one.
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