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Places that will remain liveable if we get 3C temp rise ?

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I see the popularity of the thread pertaining to places becoming less liveable and I'm curious as to people's thoughts as to where people might want to go.

I'm not so much asking for myself as much as others. I'm more or less resigned to a certain spiral that we've committed to as the planet tries to reach equilibrium to advancing GHG levels.

If you want a sea level rise assumption to work with, let's assume 1.5m by 2100 and 6m by 2200.

If you wanted to advise a young person where to set up shop and have a few generations of visibility and chance of a reasonable quality of life, where would you suggest they go?

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada

Not necessarily in this order

El Cid:
3 C temp rise if obviously not going to be evenly distibuted. The closer we go to the poles, the warmer it gets. Also, Arctic amplification and its effects mean that the Northern Hemisphere will warm more than the Southern in the next couple of decades (centuries?). Also, land warms more than the oceans.
So I assume it will be like this:
NH: 4 C, SH: 2 C
NH land: 4-5 C SH land: 2-3 C
NH tropical zone: 2 C, midlatitudes: 5 C, north: 6-10 C (much smaller area than  the tropics!)
Also, we need to consider, that winters are probably going to get warmer more, than summers, especially the more we go north.
So the final numbers for NH:
                     winter         summer
Tropics           +2              +2
Midlatitudes     +6             +4
North             +10            +5

Based on this, almost every place people currently live is still liveable. The only question is precipitation changes, that is very hard to forecast.


--- Quote from: bluice on May 20, 2019, 07:48:06 AM ---Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada

Not necessarily in this order

--- End quote ---

Arctic democracies. Seems reasonable.

If people have any regional preferences within Canada, I'd be interested in understanding where and why.

I'm sure the people of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Canada will be pleased to welcome millions and millions of refugees from all over the world. /s


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