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Magnitude of future warming

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It is interesting to know the opinion of people on the forum about the magnitude of future warming. Official (conservative) forecasts indicate a warming of 2 degrees by 2100.

Other studies are inclined to 10 degrees.

--- Quote ---"Our results show that the amount of carbon that drove the PETM warming was about the same amount as the current 'easily accessible' fossil fuel reserves of about 4,000 billion tons. But the warming that would result from adding such large amounts of carbon to the climate system would be much greater today than during the PETM and could reach up to 10 degrees.
--- End quote ---

Finally, third scientists believe that warming will turn the planet into a Venusian steam room, and space colonization will be the only salvation.

--- Quote ---Speaking at the Tencent WE Summit Sunday, Hawking warned that overpopulation and extreme energy consumption will turn Earth into a fire ball by the year 2600.

--- End quote ---

There are estimates that the climate sensitivity may be 12 degrees.

Another interesting thing is that with the growth of the starting temperature increases and the size of warming.

That is, it can be a vicious circle. Slight warming with each step further increases the warming (due to feedbacks - water vapour, the decrease in albedo due to melting ice, melting methanehydrates and permafrost, deforestation).

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