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Jim Williams:
Didn't see a general suggestion thread, so I started one.

Neven, could you add the Forum to the Arctic Sea Ice Graphs page?  It would make jumping about so much easier.

Will do that, Jim!

edit: I've done it. Will also add buttons to the blog in due time.

As you probably know, I have a strong interest about expeditions in the Arctic.  Neven can you think about adding a section somewhere on this ? I think that having just one topic with answers wouldn't be enough.

Thanks !
(Btw I'm only the Tech Admin, Neven decides about the forum's organisation).

I'd like to endorse the DM's request (and to that end I've put up some stuff on the early Russian expeditions in "The Rest" section). I'd extend it a bit though, to expeditions and scientific research - a place to discuss the process of uncovering the mysteries of the Arctic. I would see it as covering the Franklins and Nansens and Berings, but also current research expeditions, new satellites and whatnot.



How about I create a sub-board below the 'Arctic sea ice' board called 'Arctic expeditions and science'?


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