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Sorry for not reading a bunch of threads. I was just reading an article. See below:

And I thought:

"Just skip to the point. If this is so bad (which I'm ready to take for granted 1/3 of the way through the article), what change can I make to my lifestyle to improve this by at least a small but significant percent? (aside from insufficient whiping?)"

With that in mind, should there be a sticky with small (let's be honest, we're all somewhat lazy and not insanely committed to reducing our environmental impact) changes that we can make to our daily lives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution, heavy metal pollution, etc?

I'm not an environmentalist to a degree that probably most here are, but I'm also willing to make minor changes to my life in service of not trashing the environment. And small changes, even if only small percentage of people make them, add up. Especially if they mention them occasionally to others, who might then take them up and mention them to others occasionally, and so on.

The top thread could be the list, and there could be with each item a link to another thread that gives the reasons why the change is helpful.

Feel free to delete this thread if all of the above is useless.


One day I met a guy who is trying to make a list of all what can be done to stop climate change.

El Cid:
I have the shortest list ever:

reduce your consumption: whenever you buy something ask: do i really need this?

Even easier: reduce your energy bills. Turn off unneeded lights, switch to LED bulbs, when using A/C set the temp higher, when heating set the temp lower.
Switch to a more efficient car.  Even better, get an EV. Use an e-bike if you can.

Vote for candidates who propose solutions, not climate change deniers.


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