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How many of you are scientists?

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Bit of an odd question, but the people on there, are most of you climate scientists? Or is this forum populated mainly with laymen who have an interest? I assume "lurkers" are mostly laymen.

I note that many posts are scientific in nature, with supporting data, suggesting scientific backgrounds, but perhaps some of you are just ice-focussed mega-geeks  :D

I am actually asking with great respect, as it would help me understand more about what I am reading.

Is it possible to supply a list of user names who are credentialled climate/environmental scientists? No IDs needed of course.

Congrats on a great forum. Given the significance of the discussion here, you'd think the forum would be populated by millions.

PhD Chemical Engineer, with background and practice in fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer and complex dynamic process systems.

I think most contributors are laymen and laywomen, some with strong scientific backgrounds. I have a meager B.A and half an M.A in physics, while A-Team is a professor of mathematical physics IIRC.
I expect some lurkers are actual scientists, looking for ideas (especially the off-the-radar ones), sharing some result every so often, or defending some paper.

Most people here, regardless if they are scientists, they are curious and are here to learn.

Scientist, not climate.


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