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A polar vortexes movie - deleted


Removed the movie link, I will re-edit the video and put it back up later.

Thereyago, vortexes in north and south over several years ... perhaps the mod can delete "deleted" as I can't edit the original post.

When the wobble in the vortex
Hits your frontal cortex
You realise future weather woes
Won't be solved with Gore-tex

Would it be possible to show a particular vortex over a season? Lets say november 2018 to may 2019 in the Arctic? Or does this require recording EN at the time?

If you change the third line to ´You know future weather woes´these really improves the metre (the poetical one).

Hi Kassy

I'm not a poet, and I know it!

Re the seasonal vortex, yes, I'll post one up along those lines in a week or so, I'll try to do north and south.


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