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Author Topic: Some news from New Zealand  (Read 4294 times)


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Some news from New Zealand
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:19:53 PM »
Local climate scientists seem to be grabbing the opportunity brought by our current drought to get the topic of CC out into the media:
& re. farming here in the future:

Hopefully they will gain some significant traction because that potty peer is due in our neighbourhood next month, actually in the next town. How did I know, the info sent by the local branch of the Royal Society. Sigh....

Also here's info about a new doco, "Thin Ice", due out next month. And they say it will be available online for a small fee.
"In recent years climate science has come under increasing attack, so geologist Simon Lamb took his camera to find out what is really going on from his climate science colleagues. Simon followed scientists at work in the Arctic, Antarctic, Southern Ocean, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.  They talk about their work, and their hopes and fears, with a rare candour and directness. This creates an intimate portrait of the global community of researchers racing to understand our planet's changing climate."
Have a look a the great lineup of scientists interviewed in it & some of the short video clips:

Not sure I'm posting this in the best place, Neven will move it if needbe!


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Re: Some news from New Zealand
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2019, 01:55:43 AM »
Helen Clark challenges NZ tourism industry on climate change - 'We'd better have a good story'
Helen Clark has sounded a warning over the country's growing tourism industry and what it means for climate change.

Hundreds of people packed Christchurch Town Hall last night to hear from Ms Clark, who brings eight years experience from the UN, including close dealings with the sustainability development goals.

Fielding tough questions from young leaders, the former PM and United Nations Development Programme Administrator said the country needed to think about whether it was living up to its "100% Pure" tourism slogan, as the focus shifts to how products are produced and their cost to the environment.

Rising seas: NZ must 'put brakes on' coastal development
Scientists have warned against developing in coastal areas – even in places not yet threatened today – as new data shows how hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are living in climate change's firing line.

In two new reports, released today by Niwa and the Deep South National Science Challenge, researchers Ryan Paulik and Dr Rob Bell investigated how buildings and infrastructure would be hit by river and coastal flooding from storms and sea level rise.