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Author Topic: Since RSS is the newest hot shit, please recommend me blogs you are reading. :)  (Read 1374 times)


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Just downloaded NetNewsWire 5.0 because i want to read more blogs again. All hail to the free and open internet. Fuck the gatekeepers!

Every recommendation that's in the broadest sense related to the Arctic regions is welcome.

Thanks, everyone for your contribution.


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Hi blumenkraftenspiel  ;D, I remember rss from the end of the 90's so it is not that new.
And sorry, I don't read bl_ogs etc. so can't help

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Yeah, Nanning, it's old tech, but it died. Since recently there is a whole new hype around it which i support. I hope people retreat from mainstream social media and become self-determined again.


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Neven, i think your blog roll needs an update. might be no more. Safari telling me there is no server.