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Many of those members of this forum are also regular commenters and readers of Neven's Arctic Sea Ice Blog.  These members are aware that Neven has provided the blog and this forum as a free service....a true gift to humanity!!  Isn't it nice to participate in an on-line venue without being pestered with pop-up commercials and viewing multiple images of things you don't want or need?

What many of you may not know, in addition to creating and managing the blog and this forum, Neven works for a living, is raising a family and is building a new home.  How he manages to do all of this is truly amazing.

There are times, however, when the expenses associated with the technological needs of these sites becomes burdensome for one lone individual.  Being that Neven would like some financial assistance in upgrading his technology, he created a means of accepting donations via PayPal.  Being the humble soul that he is, he put a donation link on the Arctic Sea Ice Blog, with little or no fanfare.

I would hope that each of you can find a few extra euros to help fund one of the most influential climate sites on the internet.  Your show of support and appreciation may be more important that the amount you choose to donate.

Donation Link is Below:

Just wanted to say thank you for starting this tread and that I was happy to find where I could contribute.

I am so thankful for this place where I can learn and ask questions and get answers from very knowledgeable people. I've been amazed again and again by the generosity of those willing to share their expertise and opinion.

PayPal links time out very quickly, so this is just to remind you that you can find the tip jar on the top right of the Arctic Sea Ice blog.

Time to pay for another 'movie' ticket, the main feature is just about to start!

Donna, Anne & Clare,

I find it interesting that the  ladies are the only commenters to this thread.

If Neven weren't so humble, he would pin this thread so that it keeps it's visibility.  With all of the new traffic during the melt season, this thread should be "Front & Center."


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