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Why are youngsters staying away from this site?


Trying to figure out today, where the youngsters were in their current thinking, I came across this kind of disturbing message:

One should think that these guys were trying to help getting Neven a crowd amongst the youth, willing and eager to learn and share

On the controrary. It was impossible to link to any of the great stuff provided here. Actually, the site is in fact keeping youngsters away from this site. Some of them may have an interest or some kind of need to learn more, but simple algorithms are keeping them away from the altar of wisdom. What to do?

If you are young you can also just google it and then read it. No registration required.
And we donĀ“t know how many do that.

Not sure what that site you linked to is about but it is probably not typical for all youngsters?

Also this site is rather specific and i think that there are other sites to read first (basics first).


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