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Author Topic: Parkinsons neuron degeneration halted in mice  (Read 140 times)


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Parkinsons neuron degeneration halted in mice
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:22:00 AM »
Reversing a model of Parkinson’s disease with in situ converted nigral neurons

One-time treatment generates new neurons, eliminates Parkinson's disease in mice

"Researchers have discovered that a single treatment to inhibit a gene called PTB in mice converts native astrocytes, brain support cells, into neurons that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a result, the mice's Parkinson's disease symptoms disappear. "

"The treatment works like this: The researchers developed a noninfectious virus that carries an antisense oligonucleotide sequence -- an artificial piece of DNA designed to specifically bind the RNA coding for PTB, thus degrading it, preventing it from being translated into a functional protein and stimulating neuron development.

Antisense oligonucleotides, also known as designer DNA drugs, are a proven approach for neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases "