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Author Topic: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses  (Read 22582 times)


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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #100 on: June 21, 2020, 03:44:58 PM »
Amtrack not accepting cash.

What a sneaky way to survive people's movements... Sons of mothers!

Bruce Steele

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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #101 on: June 21, 2020, 04:22:06 PM »
Sigmetnow, This train situation is a new development and yes a debit card can fix it , I will help get her a card. There are some services in every county and there are people like Willi who help those at the very bottom . I know without someone as an advocate life is very hard indeed. I have access to her bank account and can deposit for her but you can’t believe how many times she has been rolled for what little she has.
 The lack of pay phones that limit communication, the lack of showers and public restrooms , and the use of electronic money make life harder.  I can try to help but there are thousands with no advocate. We all need to chip in a little with some actual connections to other humans outside our economic strata . We build the walls collectively .


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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #102 on: July 25, 2020, 07:00:44 AM »
Elsewhere HapHazard stated:
I'm somewhere between interstitial & Rod, with a bias towards interstitial.

And honestly I think we should just start talking about trains.
I think there was a thread where trains were sort of focal point but now I'm too lazy to find out what it was called. (Kassy found it, thank you. I'm still wondering what 'buses' are doing in the thread's headline, if they're powered by overhead electric then maybe.))

I think this policy and solutions-section would be a place to talk about new train tech, advancements in routing efficiency, well planned yards to onload and offload cargo (we need to admit every property can't have a railroad beside it), optimal speeds of cargo/passenger shared lines, signalling, PTC, and how companies can compete in a network that is not controlled by shared authority (which is common in Europe). On the passenger rail, there could be some talk on how to diminish the empty seats and possibly about some new methods of coupling carriages to quickly (and quietly) add and remove them, so the stops on stations wouldn't be so short you can just get one suitcase out in the time allotted for a stop. This probably means carriages should have small multiple-unit type motors for shunting, could this be automated? When it is necessary to build rail to rail overpasses, any news on rail bridge/tunnel tech?.... U

a link to my blog, a very poorly constrained study on US passenger rail, attempting to get it to the European level of service (it's obvious this is a bit utopian, but less than some hyperloop-stuff):

(Umm, won't fix the overtly verbose opening)

Anyway, here's my image of European-level passenger rail network for US , thicker lines, golden bits would be totally new rail and most of the others would need an upgrade...
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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #103 on: July 25, 2020, 07:52:25 AM »
Later did an even more utopistic plan to get finnish passenger rail to the level of Switzerland... The resulting image presented, this network and associated multiple unit passenger/car carriages could serve c. 90% of Finns so well they'd need to drive a car for only local (under 50 km) trips. Parts of Lapland are still without service, connections to Atlantic ports are hard to build over Scandinavian mountains. Umm, this is not especially interesting to non-finns, so may delete this post later. If someone is interested, pm, way more details available (station locations, unserved communal centers, distances to served stations, estimate of the amount of additional track to build. No budget of course :-D)
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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #104 on: July 25, 2020, 08:25:55 AM »
Merged threads since being too lazy is not a proper criterium for creating a new thread.
Þetta minnismerki er til vitnis um að við vitum hvað er að gerast og hvað þarf að gera. Aðeins þú veist hvort við gerðum eitthvað.


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Re: Trains, Trams, Subways and Buses
« Reply #105 on: July 29, 2020, 01:20:38 PM »
I would consider that a win for the pro Tesla camp.
I will quite happily present actual scientific study's and real world verifiable data to back my opinion As will the rest of you.
Don't expect zizek to pay up .
They never do .....

...... Do I really have to explain to you what happens when a large corporation is in direct competition with poorly funded public services? The year is 2020 and you would think after decades of austerity leading to the privatization of services from health care to infrastructure which have lead to horrible outcomes we would get the picture already..... But I guess this time things will be different??!?!

Here's a little primer of Musk's vision:

<Moved this from the Tesla thread since most of the articles are about Uber and none quote Elon. The whole business model and what it does to society and who is actually funding it are interesting. kassy>
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