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Author Topic: Geoengineering, another rush for money?  (Read 70518 times)


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Re: Geoengineering, another rush for money?
« Reply #350 on: July 05, 2019, 05:13:33 PM »
For example, in this work  predicted is the peak of phosphorus mining around 2035.

Probably by 2100 most of the forests on the planet will be destroyed.

"Peak phosphate" is a valid concern.  However, there are advances that may permit wider use of phosphite instead of phosphate.   See, for example,

Phosphite: a novel P fertilizer for weed management and pathogen control

For a broad view on advances in agricultural productivity, see:


These both emphasize biotech innovations, which many may not be comfortable with.

A simpler way to promote needed changes in land use would be to include beef in a global carbon tax system.  This should reduce economic incentives that drive deforestation.