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Here is to be a animation showing the tongue separation / calving in August - September 2012:

Since I have problems uploading this animation (load-restrictions?) it is 2,3 mb only ::)

You can see it here hopefully! If not please report back ;)

Tor Bejnar:
It works just fine.  Thanks!


Zachariae Ice Stream June 17 2013 note all the late 2012 icebergs yellow dots, terminus position which has retreated since July 2012 and the rift that promises to release more icebergs as soon as the ice has cleared.


It looks like we actually had a calving in July 2012, and I think it can be seen on this animation, where the calved piece is moved forth and back:

As Mauri noted above there is action to be watched this season, there was a calving event last season on August 20 2012, this is clearly seen on the 3 following image:


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