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Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska, has started to periodically flood the Mendenhall River on which the city sits.

--- Quote ---As water builds up in the basin and seeks an outlet, it can actually lift portions of the glacier ever so slightly, and in that lift, the water finds a release. Under the vast pressure of the ice bearing down upon it, the water explodes out into the depths of Mendenhall Lake and from there into the river.

Glaciologists even have a name for the process, which is happening in many places all over the world as climates change: jokulhlaup, an Icelandic word usually translated as “glacier leap.”
--- End quote ---

OK, not exactly a glacier.  But a “frozen debris lobe” threatens the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, and even the trans-Alaskan pipeline itself, above the Arctic Circle.  And it’s moving faster lately -- about an inch a day.

Alaska’s Glaciers Seen as Major Source of Sea Level Rise

--- Quote ---The ice that tumbles into the ocean along Alaska’s coastline often makes for dramatic images that show one of the ravages of climate change – melting tidewater glaciers that contribute to sea level rise. But a new study finds that far more meltwater is flowing into the sea from a similar, if less frequently photographed source – inland glaciers.

Compared to their coastal counterparts, inland glaciers account for 95 percent of glacial mass loss due to climate-driven melting, a study published this month in Geophysical Research Letters shows. In fact, researchers found that Alaska’s glaciers are melting so fast that they would cover the state with a 1-foot thick layer of water every seven years.
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Out of curiosity, how many gigatons of ice do Alaska's glaciers contain?

Tor Bejnar:
Glaciers cover about 75,000 km2 of Alaska.
If all of Alaska's glaciers melted, sea level would rise ~ 0.05 meters (about 0.16 feet).
Ocean area=165,250,000 sq km
165,250,000 x 0.05 x 10-3 = 8,260 km-3

Results            Unit
8260000000    kilogram
8260000000000    gram
8.26E+15    milligram
8,260,000    ton
18210197710.718    pound (lb)
41300000000000    carrat
1.2747127999495E+14    grain
4.974284874552E+36    atomic mass unit

] = 0.00826 gigatonnes

if my choice of website data, internet calculators and arithmetic skills work right (without checking my work)


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