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Just click the "Attachments and other options" sectionbemow and attach your image!


2 attachments added.

I want a text in between them, how to do that?

Naive expectation that using Preview button will insert a code into message body, a code which could be rearranged, does not work.

My conclusion, attachments are just that, attachments to the end of message.
Where are those attachments hosted ?

Edit #1:
Ok, seems I got that, 1st one is at:;topic=49.0;attach=150;image

Edit #2:
Using link above in-between IMG tags:

Now I can add text below that image.

Edit #3:
What will happen if I remove Attachment #1?
1st Attachment unchecked, let's see the result.

Edit #4:
Unfortunately, seems that above action removes Attachment from Host.
Adding attachment #1 again...

Edit #5:
Result of above: Initial attachment #1 is now the last one.

In order to have images (poster's local, own, ones not already hosted on web) inserted into message
a Host service (, ImagesTime, ImageShack, ... ) should be used.

That raises the question,
which Host Service should we prefer?

I mean, re-reading an old post and finding images missing is quite annoying.

BTW: Happens right now at
         I do not see 2 images inserted there, hosted by ImagesTime. 
         That was OK yesterday.
Attachments follow ...

Juan C. García:

--- Quote from: Juan C. García on March 14, 2013, 04:05:05 PM ---For those who are entering the Forum as Guests (not registered as Users), seems that you are not able to see the attachments, so you are not able to see the graphs that I have put on this blog. I will look to put the next graphs as “images” instead of attachments. Seems that images work better and you will be able to see them.
But anyway, other users can put attachments (that are simpler to put on), so I invite you to register to the Forum.

--- End quote ---


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