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Petermann looks suspicious, will it surprise us once more this season (2013)?

Hi Espen, how exactly is it looking suspicious? Any new cracks?

One would think Petermann will be quiet for a while now.

Hi Neven,

Yes I agree she should be calm for a while, logically , but I have noticed some shades in the images from DMI, that is worth investigating during the season?

Well at least we're in virgin territory so we need not be bound by looking to the way Petermann used to typically behave? I think we are free to speculate as to why we find ourselves where we are and whether this signals a move towards a different mode of 'working' for this 'drain' glacier?

How close is the ocean water to the 'lip' into the basin beyond? What happens as the 'ice tongue' recedes? does it become thinner? does the ice mass beyond speed up to push it faster forward?

I think we may be about to see how we accelerate ice loss from the G.I.S.?


Yes I am pretty sure we have a new set of standards, when we look at the various glaciers in the northern parts of Greenland.
I don't see records of so many important glacier movements in one season, as seen last season (2012),
we had Petermann: Big calving, Steensby: First ever reported calving, Zachariae: The ice tongue separation, Newman Bugt unnamed glacier: Calving.
Yes 2013 will be an interesting season glacier wise!


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