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Calving Event
Great video from July 24 2013 Helheim Calving Event by Hans Henrik Tholstrup, the clip was made by an "accident", a Geologist wanted to pick up some some pieces of rocks nearby, and then the whole "Rock Concert" started across the fjord.

Thanks to the video above I have a animation ready, showing the calving on July 24 2013.

Please click on image to enlarge and start the animation!

I have just updated the Helheim calving animation with more frames, since there obviously were several dates of calving events, please check it out on the Petermann thread:,270.msg14130.html#msg14130ing li

In the image below you see the pre-calving line June 2013 (red line) and the retreat between June 2013 and August was up to 1.4 km.

Maybe an evidence of melt water channels?

Please click on image to enlarge!

A little more information on Helheim and a how big the recent calving was compared to the years since 1972. You can see from the series of images from 1972 - 2013, that roughly 25 % *) of all ice lost since 1972 was lost in the period from mid June 16 2013 to Aug 19 2013.
The red line at both Helheim Gletscher  and Fernis Gletscher indicates the 1972 calving line, and the yellow line at Helheim the calving line prior to the 2013 calving series (June 16 2013).

*) Growth of glacier in the period excluded.

Please click on image to enlarge.


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