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Author Topic: IPCC's core mission under challenge from very scientists compiling its reports  (Read 2083 times)


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Scientists Call for Overhaul of U.N. Climate Reports

International scientists are calling for an overhaul of the United Nations' "blockbuster" climate reports ahead of the delivery of the next big assessment.

The reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are compiled by hundreds of scientists and are considered the definitive assessment of global climate risks, with the next big report due to be released in Stockholm this month.

But the IPCC's core mission is now under challenge from the very scientists who compiled those reports, as well as some governments.

..."Should we be doing these major assessments every five years or so, or should we be doing more targeted assessments that policymakers need? It's not so clear."

The governing body of the IPCC will discuss its future at a meeting in the Georgian resort town of Batumi in October and later in Berlin, a spokesman said.

"What sort or products should the IPCC be producing, over what kind of time scale? Do we need this blockbuster report every six or seven years or do we need more frequent reports? That is the sort of thing that is going to be discussed there," IPCC spokesman Jonathan Lynn said.

So is this the end of IPCC? Is that a good thing or not? What would be the best thing to replace it with?
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"In a collective act of media irresponsibility, the New York Times and Washington Post have joined the Wall Street Journal in publishing “don’t worry, be happy” articles days before the big UN climate science report will say quite the opposite."

Joe Romm take on them (September 16, 2013) here.

"This really looks like the beginnings of the cultural/media counter-offensive against the forthcoming IPCC report." comment by Dr. Robert J. Brulle of Drexel University,