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This sticky post is intended to keep track of all changes to the forum (most recent on top)

(Unless counter-indicated, all changes by DungeonMaster)

2018-07-30 Like button fixed for real, hopefully. And hosting upgraded to a higher level to respond to the YUGE numbers of visitors.

2018-07-29 Sessions table fixed. The forum had been down most of the day. SAD! Sorry!!

2018-04-25  Yayyyy ! Like button finally added. Enjoy!

2017-11-01 Fixed problem with log table, went crazy. Errors came from Social Media Icons mod, was toooo old --> removed. Installed;mod=3559;id=214901 instead

2017-11-01 Still problems when uploading some images. Turns out to be some stupid programming,



return true;
        while (!feof($fp))

2017-09-20 Login problems should be fixed now (changed logins on curve1 [main theme] and Exodus [the iphone, responsive theme]). Activated php 7.0. Switched to full https, included an Apache rewrite. Remaining: make the redirection 301.

Warning / possible issues: hooks were deleted while switching to https. Had to remove / reinstall all mods. Hope no settings were lost, especially on the images / video Aeva. To be watched!

2017-09 Got a false Hack Alert from hosting company... nothing bad. Upgraded to latest version - supposed to bring full https! Also allows php7: I applied this change, should increase stability and speed. We might switch to full https after october...

2014-08-02 Added Social Sharing buttons - per topic, located on the bottom of your screen. Share and spread the Forum !

2014-07-04 Was so sad after France's defeat against Germany in World Cup that I woke up early and installed a PayPal Donate Button, reusing Neven's account. Strong and good Deutsche Marks accepted.

2014-05-22 Installed links to ASIB and ASIG (and crashed the forum 4 minutes, damn me)

2014-05-09 DB moved to a bigger (and faster) mysql server. We're almost ready for the Melting Season - still some improvements to make...

2014-05-07 At last ! Found a permission/setting allowing anonymous users to see images !! So far they had to register. That's quite a stupid default setting for a forum, I'd say !!

2014-05-05 After some tests, activated PHP-FPM - is supposed to go faster. Next step: switching DB server... will require stopping the forum 5 minutes.
2014-05-02 thanks to your donations, forum has been upgraded to a better server. More memory and power... and more enhancements coming next days !

2014-04-10  HeartBleed bug checked - server NOT affected, nothing to fix.

2014-04    Anti-spam measures reinforced again. Now new posters are pre-moderated/

2013-04-22 Changed nothing about this pesky png  problem.
                    Installed the background image on this very server (was previously on Neven's, caused performance problems)

2013-04-17 Deactivated Dangerous Image Reencode function. Removed ability to upload zip, doc, odt files
                   Reactivated Stats On Save to track perfs
                   Activated Persistent connection to Db

2013-03-12 Added some tricks to play with RSS in the Suggestion thread
2013-03-12 Removed old dates (before going On Air) from smf_log_activity, and recomputed stats. Nothing seems to have changed. (and YES, I backuped the db before)

2013-03-05 - "courtesy post edit" was 90 seconds, now set to 300 = 5 minutes to check your spelling
                 "Number of posts per page on a Topic" set to 50 (was 15) (requested by danbashow - well in fact he asked 99, but let's test this)
                  Set registration to "email verification" to avoid spammers (verified, it does work)
                  (Seems that Neven previously added some registration questions and a captcha)
                  Changed some other security-related settings (but I won't write which)

2013-02-24 - Aeva Lite Mod installed - now you can embed videos
Limit for Chrome : if you're using the httpS version, Chrome will silently complain about a Mixed Content issue and won't display the videos. If you're not connected, switch to http (= standard Reading mode), or click on the "Shield" icon in Chrome's Address Bar.
Limit for iPhone : no Preview is displayed - click on the video's title to watch it.
** Both limits are under investigation

2013-02-24 - "H1 Tags in linktree" installed, but seems to have no effect. Will have to try this on the Test server with the main theme used here on the forum...
                           Had to remove Helios MultiColor and Extreme6 themes for compatibility

2013-02-24 - applied Tried to apply Pretty Urls (force compatibiliy mode to RC4 - tested on the Test forum)  so now we shoud have had have instead of some ugly MsgId. Sorry, it was fully tested on another server, but went into problems. Was removed and hopefully fixed at 19:00 Paris Time

2013-02-21 - forum upgrade to 2.0.4

2013-02-20 - Real things start ! Forum goes public

Just test Save time

Shared Humanity:
I have recently started to have difficulty pulling up this site. Not sure why. Has anyone else struggled with this?


--- Quote from: Shared Humanity on April 21, 2014, 04:26:47 PM ---I have recently started to have difficulty pulling up this site. Not sure why. Has anyone else struggled with this?

--- End quote ---

Is it better now that the server was upgraded?

Migration Test


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