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Author Topic: Covid, AGW, peak oil and expatriates  (Read 304 times)


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Covid, AGW, peak oil and expatriates
« on: December 05, 2020, 08:49:17 PM »
I just read the french version of the book Kløften (La faille) written by Jørn Riel. It's a story about expatriates living with Papuans in Indonesia. Most don't have kids, but one has, the girl was educated the traditional Papu way, but learns English and some elements of occidental culture.

It doesn't end well, and it's a little bit like if the generation moving abroad can manage it, but that the kids would have some identity problem.

I have been moving a few times as a kid, and am now living and working in a village where many people already went in elementary school together.

Somehow, I have friends all over the world, but not so many here at home. I used to move around to meet them, but now with Covid it has become much more difficult.

I wonder how the life of expatriate will be in the future, there are so many threats on that way of living, like AGW and the limits of growth that might make transportation more difficult.

It is somehow complicate to integrate in a community were people have been together almost forever because part of the history is missing, but on the other hand, having no common history means that people are not angry at you because of things you did before.