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Author Topic: Tracking state abuse (including use of terrorism laws) of environmental protesto  (Read 1561 times)


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I thought it might be interesting to start a topic to keep track of nation states using terrorism legislation or other abusive behaviour against environmental protest groups (particularly for peaceful protests where the behaviour of the public agencies involved is not valid).

One from America:

Police infiltrating protest groups to the extent of having children (!) with the people in them.

The establishment of the UK database for protestors, including people with no previous criminal records and who have committed no crime (unless peacefully attending a protest counts):

Inappropriate and unwarranted harassment of protestors by the police (I mean, who confiscates soap?):

Police propaganda - lies and misinformation from a body that should be trustworthy:

More lies from those who are meant to be trustworthy by their role in society (70 police officers injured, but the truth?):

I'm making this list because I don't think people quite appreciate the darker side of the authorities and how they are handling (and intend to handle) climate change. I don't think people get that there is a lot of surveillance and potential violence (and sometimes actual violence) already at play in terms of repressing the common man in the street should they dare to get unruly over issues like climate change.

Maybe people reading this might not be aware this is happening - and with frequency - maybe they haven't joined up the dots or don't remember enough such examples to build a case - that's why I think it might be worth maintaining a catalogue of examples.

It's in "Off-topic" as I have no idea where else it would belong.

I'm especially looking for examples where the protestors were clearly within the law or the response was massively disproportionate.

If we cannot trust the police to be impartial enforcers of law and protectors of society, but rather to be subservient agents of our socioeconomic overloads - and we cannot trust over overlords to do the right thing - how can we sit around expecting change to somehow happen? Do we not need to confront the fact that a fight may well be needed - and a big one - and one that cannot happen for as long as we all sit around waiting for something?


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Texas Charges Oil Port Protesters Under New Fossil Fuel Protection Law
This could be the first test of a wave of laws enacted in several states in recent years targeting protests over pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure.


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