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Walking the walk / Small is Beautiful
« on: September 10, 2016, 01:27:55 PM »
An editorial article from The Guardian called my attention a couple of days ago:

The Guardian was using the title of a book that I was about to use as the title of this new subject: "Small is Beautiful"
This would show some of the youngsters in this blog that the idea of controlling our growth was already significant in the old 70's. I recommend a re-read. It also give us a perspective to see how strong is the inertia of human development.

There are a few threads in this walking the walk that point in the same direction: what to do.
Not eating meat, not using FF, etc. I find they are a bit too obvious attitudes with little and slow effect (don't stop putting them on practice!). On the other hand if we try to change the basis of our relations with the rest of the society this might have a more profound effects. They are in the spirit of Small is Beautiful.

The first thing to do (for those who can), in my opinion, is to turn our backs to traditional banking.
Take all your money out of them!!! And use ethical banking!!!

My longer than 15 years experience with ethical banks is fantastic. As an example I had between 3-5% profits on my savings every year, being the less important advantage of the system.

Another important step is probably shown here:

which also could be posted in the gardening thread.

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