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Developers Corner / Problem with IMS snow&ice data
« on: November 16, 2013, 05:57:20 PM »
Hello all!

I have problems with proper interpretation of IMS snow&ice data on NSIDC:

What I want to do is:

- get 4km ASCII file
- convert data file to something like dbf file:

lat lon value

Unfortunetaly data file is in polar stereographic projection:

Northern Hemisphere coverage is available at approximately 4-km and at approximately 24-km resolution. The bounding coordinates are as follows:

Southernmost Latitude: 0° N
Northernmost Latitude: 90° N
Westernmost Longitude: 180° W
Easternmost Longitude: 180° E

Data are in a polar stereographic projection centered at 90° N with the vertical longitude from the Pole at 80° W and the standard parallel at 60° N.

Example data files from NATICE:

There is 6144x6144 data points, and I don't know how to calculate position of each value. I even try to make image from that data, and that was funny in some way ;)

Does anyone know alghoritm to calculate lat/lon position of each data point?

//this image is of course mirror image of real world

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