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Policy and solutions / Divest from fossil fuels; Resources
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:49:47 AM »
My company pension scheme has a stakeholders meeting next week. I plan to make a proposal to that meeting that the pension fund divest all of its money from fossil fuel related stocks. There may be others here who have or are planning to do something similar. It would be good to have a single thread holding useful links to obtain data when preparing proposals of this type. Does anybody know good links? The more up to date the better. What would be useful would be following:

1) Economic studies showing how risky an investment in fossil fuel stocks is. The more economically respectable the institution and/or conservative writing the report the better. Making a good economic case must be the best way to produce a positive result at any meeting. If the report is recent enough to include the recent fall in oil price and therefore fall in oil stocks that would be even better.

2)Pension funds (being shareholders) should hold directors to account for irresponsible actions.  Reports on how fossil fuel companies are being reckless with shareholder's money re: spending billions exploring for oil which is likely to be worthless.

3) A concise summary of why it is a moral responsibility for investors to divest (aimed at a typical pension meeting crowd).

4) Examples of other pension funds and/or financial institutions divesting.

5) Anything else I missed?

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