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The 2021 image shows thick ice in the eastern Beaufort.  I have no idea whether there is enough space near the shore where things would melt out to give enough space for a kayak though.

That still leaves the emissions from.
Steel, Cement , Shipping, Air transport , Mining and Agriculture.
I doubt anyone alive today will live to see net zero.

And, I have yet to see anyone detail how the military will deal with not having these produced at the rate they can be with fossils until we have fully electrified all of the economy.  No military is going to give up it's industrial backing.  Production /volume/ is a strategic asset, not just the ability to ramp up production.

As long as humans are competitive, those fossils won't stay in the ground. IMO.

Policy and solutions / Re: Aviation
« on: April 29, 2020, 03:44:04 PM »
This seems to be more if than when.

At the moment governments are bailing out airlines. I wonder if the tap is open indefinitely.

I am pretty sure that most nations consider their domestic airlines a strategic asset for the military.  I would argue that they will be maintained in some form indefinitely.

In "Oil, Power, and War", a part of the thesis is that War's energy requirements provide a reason to declare all reserves as well as active production capacity to be strategic resources.  Massive thermo-industrial capacity is wins wars.

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